Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation Season

Where have I been? I ask myself as if I don't know. It's graduation season and our daughter graduated from Howard University last week. So for at least two weeks before that I was preparing to go to the graduation and for a week after I have been recuperating from the trip.

But the trip was spectacular. Haven't uploaded pictures yet but I will. Not only did we have the pleasure of going to two graduations, we also visited with other family members and lots of friends while there. And we took one whole day and acted like tourists. I have been to DC many many times but never had the time to explore. We didn't make by to see the Obamas' :-), but we did do many other things. Maybe we'll pencil them in on the next visit :-).

We visited the African American Civil War Museum and Memorial. Big excitement for me. We posed and took pictures by the monument. We photographed my Great Grandfather's name listed on the wall. From there our daughters whisked us off to quilt exhibit 44 quilts for the 44th President. How fascinating! Mr. Roland Freeman said that many of the quilts in the original exhibit had gone home and been replaced. Replaced or not, I was totally in awe. I love exploring what other quilters do and how their minds work to come up with the fascinating outcome. This exhibit certainly has fascinating outcomes.

Let me just say something about the whisking our daughters were doing. The parking situation in DC is atrocious. They knew it all too well. So we were constantly whipping into some tight little spot with a quick flip of the wrist and parallel parked we were. We were proud of their driving skills. My husband and I both taking credit for who taught who to drive.

Then we dashed off to the Sticky Fingers Bakery. A must for Vegans and Vegetarians looking for dairy free soft serve ice cream and cake with no eggs or milk. Did I forget that we did quite a bit of eating-out on this trip. The Graduation dinner was at the Vegetable Garden, another DC area delight for the vegetarian in you. Then dinner at our friends house who have delightful children and made us exquisite food.

A whirlwind trip, about 10 added pounds and then back to the sewing machine. I kind of missed the machine while I was away but of course I was armed with plenty of hand sewing projects.