Saturday, November 21, 2009

Resplendent Art Exhibition

Resplendent Art Exhibition with Fiber, Beads, and Mixed Media opened at November 16 and runs through December 31, 2009. The exhibition features art from Aisha Lumumba, Elaine Parker, and Janice Hunter.

I started this purple and green quilt back in April and you all were there with me as I blogged about it. It is finally finished and a part of the exhibit. I call it "Lift Off." You may remember how that developed. I went in my stash and pulled out the fabrics to make it. I was amazed that I had what I needed just waiting for me to put it together in something spectacular.
The theme of the exhibit is the beauty of butterflies. The opening reception was last night and it was a great start to a wonderful show.

People I haven't seen in several years came. Some friends that I worked with over 20 years ago saw my name in the advertisement and surprised me. My cousins are always there and oh so supportive. Pamela Diana, the dramatist and poet, performed. If you ever have an opportunity to seeand hear her, don't miss it. All of us artists were proud and humbled. I'll put some pictures up from the reception soon.

The quilt that we used for advertising is called "Resplendent" appropriately named for the exhibit. I had the idea for this quilt in my head. I knew I wanted a butterfly turned sideways and flying away from a flower. I knew I wanted it to be gold on a black background. I thought that would create the dramatic effect I was after. I collected fabrics and trims for months with that butterfly in mind. When I finally started to work on it, it took shape quickly. I guess I had done most of the work in the thinking process. That new Brother sewing machine was also a tremendous help. I never know exactly how many hours a quilt is going to demand but I was pretty sure this one would take a while. The more embellishments I put on it the more it seemed to need. I may go back and put more beads on later, who knows.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On A Mission

This is my new sewing machine. It is Innov-is by Brother Sewing Machine. It's really wonderful. I haven't been writing on the blog because I have been getting to know this machine.
It seems like it can do everything. It is easy to thread and threads the needle by a simple push of a knob. It can sew regularly, then turn around and embroider. It has some great large decorative stitches that can be used to quilt. I have found myself on it well into the night.
Next month I have a quilting workshop at the West End Public Library. Bring sewing machine or sew by hand. Saturday October 10, 2009 12:30 P.M. Reservations are requested. Space is limited. West End Branch Library a part of Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System 525 Peeples Street SW 404-752-8740 All Programs are Free and Open to the Public
I also have a Mosaic Tile Workshop planned for Saturday October 17, 2009 at the Arts Exchange. I'll post more info later.
I also have a video on Youtube. My journey as a quilt artist.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

40% Off Quilt Sale

As much as I love having quilts all around me, they eventually become quite a challenge to store. So this month, I am attempting to clear out. It seems like a good time to purge and get ready for the holiday season.

July was a real whirlwind for me. I opened it with a few quilts for Bastille Day hosted by the French Club here in Atlanta. I wasn't there but I heard that it was a greatly attended event. Then I swished off to the Ebony Stitchers Quilt Exhibition at the Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center. That was big for me, since I was the featured artist. Being the featured artist is a wonderful thing if you have all the quilts ready. It proved to be a big challenge but I rose to the occasion.

We set up the Birmingham Library Exhibit at the same time of the Ebony Stitchers event and planned to go later for Artist Reception. Then the National Black Arts Festival and the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Show happened simultaneously. it was impossible to be in two places at one time, so I missed one. I had quilts everywhere. That was the beginning of the clue that I had a really large inventory.

I rushed off to Birmingham the week after NBAF, I planned to put up pictures immediately after but pretty much passed out from all the exhibits. But now I am back. The next big thing- Quilt making workshop in October at the West End Library and this big September Sale. Don't miss it. See what's on sale at

Friday, July 31, 2009

National Black Arts Festival

The excitement seems to never end. I have to thank Robert Townsend and Lamman Rucker for being so gracious at my exhibition. I'm scheduled to tell quilt stories today and that should be great. This festival is the best. Come on down to the Woodruff Arts Center and enjoy the festival. It ends August 2 at 5:00pm

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Look out Birmingham!

"The New Quilt Zone"Quilted Artwork by Aisha Lumumba opens July 20-August 28, 2009 Birmingham Public Library 4th Floor Gallery 2100 Park Place Birmingham, AL 35203

Artist Recepetion August 9, 2009 3-5pm
This quilt is called "The Conversation". It is mostly hand appliqued with beaded embellishments and hand quilted. It was inspired by a request from someone who was one of three sisters.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Reception Pictures

The best birthday ever. The reception was just great. Thought I would post a few pictures for all of you that were not able to come. I should have known they would have a birthday surprise but I was so busy finishing up all the quilts that it never crossed my mind. So of course I was just blown away when they brought out the cake. Hope someone got pictures of that look on my face.

I got calls from near and far. All the lovely people in my life called to wish me happy birthday. Then all the rest of the people I know shouted out on facebook. The cap was having a crowded reception. It was so to open the exhibition with so much family and so many friends.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sneak Peak of Exhibition

The "Award Winning" Quilt Exhibition opens tonight at 6:30pm. It will be a great cocktail reception. Help me tell everyone you know in the Atlanta area. We plan an entire weekend of fun and quilt art. Bring the whole family. We have children workshops and activities, quilt workshops, door prizes and more.
Don't forget it is a celebration of the African American Academy Award winners. A must see exhibition.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Learn Paper Piecing

Learn paper (foundation) piecing in my workshop at the "Award Winning" Quilt Exhibition. I am so excited to be teaching paper piecing on Friday July 24.
Paper of foundation pieces are used to create an accuracy in piecing that is often difficult to achieve with free hand sewing. Foundation piecing is usually used when piecing very small pieces or when stitching a complicated pieced unit. Even basic designs can be pieced using this foundation technique.
Students will learn to make the house block in this quilt. For more information: If you are in Georgia or will be traveling to Georgia and want to take your skills to a new level, sign up to take this class.
This quilt is called "Inside An Architect's Mind". It took about 8 months to complete and gave me great pleasure in the process. It is a tedious undertaking which needs your full attention but promises gratification when finished.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric!

If you are a fabric lover, we have just the thing for you. You see we are having a fabulous Quilt Exhibition July 23-27, 2009. Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild, in partnership with the National Black Arts Festival, will host a quilt exhibition at the Porter Sanford Art Center and the Woodruff Arts Center. The opening night reception is Thursday July 23 at the Porter Sanford Center; with the exhibition beginning July 23 – July 26 weekend. The feature exhibition is a collection of works authored by Aisha Lumumba, entitled, “Award Winning”. This collection of works celebrates African American Academy Award winners in the areas of motion picture and music. This premier artistic exhibition will also feature traditional and contemporary art quilts and dolls from artists and quilt makers. Structured around a theme of natural community living, there will be several activities such as quilting classes, workshops and lectures for adults and children to participate in throughout the weekend.
Staging any exhibition of this kind can be costly, so we are constantly in need of supporters like you.

Here's my proposition, if you are going to buy fabric anyway (and you probably will), why not help us out while you are shopping? For every dollar you donate to you will receive an equal dollar value in a fabric gift certificate. It is as easy as going to the fabric store.
Did I say that right? Make a donation to the Quilt Exhibition and receive a dollar for dollar gift certificate from Intown Quilters.
The fabric certificate will be sent to you from Intown Quilters 1058 Mistletoe Road Decatur, GA 30033 - (404) 634-6924 Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 1pm-6pm

We buy fabric anyway, and lots of it! So this is an opportunity to support two very worthwhile businesses. You can support the Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild exhibition in DeKalb County and you can also support Intown Quilters. When we reach the $4,000 mark, this opportunity will close. Hurry to and press donate.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Josephine Baker

I've been working on this one for a while. It is almost finished and excited to close it off and start on the next project. It is all applique with beaded embellishments. I call it "Stunning."
Still working hard close out the quilts for the "Award Winning" Exhibit. I am teaching a paper piecing workshop on Friday July 24 there. Get more info at and if you are in the Atlanta area, sign up to take the class.
The opening reception is July 23 at 6:30. For tickets to the reception It promises to be a fantastic event. I plan to unveil a new quilt.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Show

The bi-annual quilt show of the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild will be held August 1, 2009, and "Make Mine Dry" will be part of the beautiful collection of quilts on display. The theme of the show is The Many Facets of African American Quilting, and in addition to the quilts, the guild will exhibit over 30 dolls!
Opening day of the show will also feature a silent auction and a lecture by Carolyn Mazloomi. Also, included in the show will be a special collection of quilts that will be donated to children in the Carrie Steele Pitts Home and a collection of first quilts from a girl scout troop.
The show opens August 1 and runs through August 7 (closed Sunday). Admission is free. The location of the show is South Fulton Arts Center, 4645 Butner Road, College Park, GA. See you there!
This quilt is a part of my 2009 quilt calendar. It is called "Make Mine Dry" and was inspired by a picture in a quilt magazine.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Counting Down

We are counting down to the "Award Winning" Exhibit With only 25 days until it opens on July 23, I am working hard to be ready. I'm putting the finishing touches on most.

This exhibit features seven African American award winning men in motion pictures: Jamie Foxx for the movie Ray, Cuba Gooding for the movie Jerry McGuire, Morgan Freeman for the movie Million Dollar Baby, Sidney Portier for the movie Lilies of the Field, Forest Whitaker for the movie The Last King of Scotland, Louis Gosset, Jr. for the movie An Officier and A Gentleman and Denzel Washington for the movie Training Day. More info at and

This quilt is called Predictable. It is a traditional pattern callled Square in a Square.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Award Winning Quilt Exhibit

The Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild featuring Aisha Lumumba's "Award Winning" A Quilt Exhibition
About the Exhibition
Ebony Stitcher's Quilt Guild, in partnership with The National Black Arts Festival, will host a quilt exhibition at the Porter Sanford Art Center and the Woodruff Arts Center beginning July 23 through August 1, 2009.
A collection of works authored by Aisha Lumumba, "Award Winning" highlights and celebrates African American Academy Award winners in the areas of motion picture and music. This premier artistic exhibition will also feature traditional and contemporary art quilts and dolls from artists and quilt makers. Structured around a them of natural living, there will be several activities such as quilting classes, workshops and lectures for adults and children to participate in throughout the weekend.
About the National Black Arts Festival
National Black Arts Festival (NBAF) is one of the premier national and international
celebrations of the art, music and culture of people of African descent. The mission of the NBAF is to engage, cultivate and educate diverse audiences about the arts and culture of the African Diaspora and provide opportunities for artistic and creative expression.
Major funding for this organization is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners through the Fulton County Arts Council, Georgia Council for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, Zeist Foundation, City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, Georgia Tourism Foundation, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Nonprofit Finance Fund/Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Woodruff Arts Center.

Calendar of Events

July 23, 2009
Opening Night Reception
Porter Sanford Art Center
Rainbow Drive, Decatur, Ga.
July 24—26, 2009
Porter Sanford Art Center
Rainbow Drive, Decatur, Ga.
July 29—August 1
Woodruff Arts Center
Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Ga.

Contact: Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild
This quilt is called, "My Reflection". It features Jamie Foxx, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for "Ray" (2004) It is one of the 13 quilts that I made for the 2010 Art Quilt Calendar, 12 of them depicting an actor or musician plus the cover. Everyone that got the 2009 calendar is probably excited to get this new one. The calendar will be available for sale by September but pre-order info will be available soon on my website
See you at the Festival!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Traditional Patterns

Thanks for asking about the quilt on the last blog entry. Sometimes I search my old quilt magazines for inspiration, or to see what kinds of names others use on their quilts. That quilt with the circles was one I found in a magazine. I forget what exactly drew me to that one but it seemed like something I wanted to do. Maybe it was one of those times when I was experimenting with curves. I added the circles around the border because I felt it helped pull all the colors together and added a little flair to a traditional quilt. I can't remember what I named it and the label didn't turn out right so I took it off. I was sure I would remember that name. I have it written down on my inventory list just need to look it up. But glad you enjoyed it.

This one is called Starburst. It is from a pattern as well. So many people liked this one that I have made three of them. I think I fell in love with star patterns early in my quilting career. I started a blue one just like this one about 3 or 4 years ago. Don't know when I'll get back to it.

I like the repetition of making a traditional pattern because it allows me to slip into a slight state of meditation while I am repeating the same task. Life gives me plenty enough excitement, so I take it slow whenever I can. It's like giving my brain a rest.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Some days I wake up so incredibly overwhelmed that it makes me almost inactive. Then other days I wake up ready to go and take on all quilt projects. Today I seem slightly overwhelmed by all the deadlines I have coming up for events in July.

The Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild is having a Quilt Show the weekend of August 1st. I am almost ready for that.

Vending at the Artist's Walk at Midtown Saturday, July 18th. Just half ready for this one.

I also have an exhibit at the Birmingham Public Library July 23 to August 1. I have those quilts ready.

Lastly, I plan to enter a quilt in the East Cobb Quilt show. That image is due to be mailed by June 30. Not quite finished quilting that one.

I'll make it though and post the pictures here for all to see.

Friday, June 12, 2009

How Long Did It Take?

I find thinking about a project to be an important part of the making of it. Sometimes it takes months for the idea of a quilt to stew in the back of my mind. It is hard to count that intangible part of the process when people ask, "how long did it take you make that quilt." Sometimes I just say a long time but when they look like they really need a time frame then I round out the physical hours that I put in.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Honorable Mention

I often get "call for artists" emails, usually for entering quilt shows. The call for artists at Florida A&M University Pinnacle Exhibit was strictly an art show. So it is always special to mingle with visual artists of other media.
The exhibit opened Friday June 5 and runs through June 26.
The call for artists had been out for 4 months and 43 works were accepted. At first I was just excited to be accepted, but when I got the notice that I received Honorable Mention excitement turned to ecstacy. Wow! I was in the top 5.
Thanks FAMU!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation Season

Where have I been? I ask myself as if I don't know. It's graduation season and our daughter graduated from Howard University last week. So for at least two weeks before that I was preparing to go to the graduation and for a week after I have been recuperating from the trip.

But the trip was spectacular. Haven't uploaded pictures yet but I will. Not only did we have the pleasure of going to two graduations, we also visited with other family members and lots of friends while there. And we took one whole day and acted like tourists. I have been to DC many many times but never had the time to explore. We didn't make by to see the Obamas' :-), but we did do many other things. Maybe we'll pencil them in on the next visit :-).

We visited the African American Civil War Museum and Memorial. Big excitement for me. We posed and took pictures by the monument. We photographed my Great Grandfather's name listed on the wall. From there our daughters whisked us off to quilt exhibit 44 quilts for the 44th President. How fascinating! Mr. Roland Freeman said that many of the quilts in the original exhibit had gone home and been replaced. Replaced or not, I was totally in awe. I love exploring what other quilters do and how their minds work to come up with the fascinating outcome. This exhibit certainly has fascinating outcomes.

Let me just say something about the whisking our daughters were doing. The parking situation in DC is atrocious. They knew it all too well. So we were constantly whipping into some tight little spot with a quick flip of the wrist and parallel parked we were. We were proud of their driving skills. My husband and I both taking credit for who taught who to drive.

Then we dashed off to the Sticky Fingers Bakery. A must for Vegans and Vegetarians looking for dairy free soft serve ice cream and cake with no eggs or milk. Did I forget that we did quite a bit of eating-out on this trip. The Graduation dinner was at the Vegetable Garden, another DC area delight for the vegetarian in you. Then dinner at our friends house who have delightful children and made us exquisite food.

A whirlwind trip, about 10 added pounds and then back to the sewing machine. I kind of missed the machine while I was away but of course I was armed with plenty of hand sewing projects.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking Wings

It's starting to look like a butterfly. I feel a little tingling in my toes. It is funny how some quilts excite me from the very beginning while others take their own time to warm me. When I am working on one that excites me from the very start, I wake up in the morning and can't wait to get to it. Maybe it's the most challenging ones. I dream about how to work out the smallest details. I think about them when I am away from them. But as soon as I get close to the end of it my mind is off and running to the next project.

I have also found that the challenge doesn't feel the same the second or third time around. Maybe that's it. I have made this pattern before so there is nothing for me to figure out. I know! I'll figure exciting ways to embellish the wings and the antenna.

It needs to be trimmed before I can put it together and I've decided to add a squared border to the edges. But at least it is taking wings.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Excitement Yet

The process of creating that wonderful butterfly quilt continues. I cut all the wedges this weekend, but still have not felt that excitement that makes you want to hurry and finish so you can see the end result.

I'm ususally really impetuous. This time I am purposely taking this slowly so I can see how that feels. Lol. Quilting always takes a long time but I rush around the room to make myself feel super busy. Then when I am thoroughly exhausted and have no choice, I sit down and sew by hand. That seems to help me unwind.

I did start on quilt #6 for the 2010 calendar. I'm hand quilting #1 and staring at #2, #3, and #4. I plan to machine quilt #2 myself and send #3 out to be machine quilted. #4 is surely going to be a hand quilted one but that's a ways away.

I had to walk away from #5. You know sometimes a project can get to you and you need to step away. It may take me about a week to get back to it but that is okay. My mind had to rest from the intense project and that heavy imagery made me a little crazy.

I plan to layout #6 and #7 this week. I'll let you know if that happens. #7 definitely warrants a trip to the fabric store. Of course, I am behind schedule (self-imposed of course) but behind none-the-less. if I can keep going at this rate I may be able to make up some of the lost time.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Working It Out

I finally sewed some strips together on this butterfly project. I'm surprised that it took me all week to do this. I had planned for this to be a slow project but not this slow. I did six of the nine required panels. I should be able to do the last three this week. Then I will be on to cutting the wedges. After the wedges are cut it'll be time to start forming the butterfly. Then I'll probably start feeling anxious about seeing the finished product. But for now I'm pretty relaxed with the level of progress, it doesn't look like anything yet.

What I really did this week was to create some new art pieces for my Mosaic Tile Workshop. The idea was to do some pieces that could be easily finished within the three hours of the workshop. I was able to do them in less time and am completely confident that a beginner can finish one in three hours. The workshop is on Saturday, April 25, 2009 10am-1pm at The New Arts Exchange 750 Kalb Ave. Atlanta GA 30312.

This workshop helps you to create memorable tile art. Mosaic Tile Basics is a great place to start. During this mosaic tile course, you will learn “Pique Assiette” (broken ceramic pieces) construction. We will cover the basics of mosaic tile materials, mosaic tile tools, cutting methods and application. If you like puzzles, this class is for you. The skills acquired in this class can be applied to limitless mosaic projects. Once you get started with this great art form beware, nothing is safe from you. For more information: or call 404-624-4211 or email:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chosen Fabrics and a Plan

Here are the chosen ones. I think they are going to make something really fabulous. It is not so easy to sew and blog at the same time, but I'm working it out. My strategy is to start the cutting process this weekend.

Lately I have been working on the quilts for the next calendar (2010). So far I have 5 made but I thought I would have at least 6 by now. I'm finding that it takes me a good amount of time just to come up with the concept. I take all the things I want to say in the quilt and mix them around in my brain for a while. It feels like making fire by rubbing two sticks together. Sometimes the spark comes right away. Then other times I'm shivering with cold before the flame comes. A faint idea comes but is shadowy and far away looking. Those take a long time to come into focus. I look at everything around. I look at books and magazines for inspiration. Still I am stuck on the cocept for the last three pictures.

It doesn't matter because today I loose myself in work on Number 6 and then cut some strips for a butterfly quilt.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stash Mania

I've decided to do this one. I went shopping yesterday in my stash and found some wonderful greens, purple and lavendar. At first I though I needed to go to the fabric store, but I remembered that I had done that a LOT already. I should have what I need here. The beautiful thing about being in love with fabric is that you always have something you can use.

But sometimes the lure of the fabric store attacks and you can't resist. You have to go there, walk down the isles and rub your hands across the fabric, while all the time your eyes are peeled to the color you are searching for.

I step back at the beginning of the isle and squint my eyes. Then I see it, the fabric that I must have. Sometimes it is just what I need for the current project and then other times I know it will be great for something-I don't know what yet. Those "great for something" fabrics come in handy in times like this.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Butterfly Quilt

I have been remiss with my blocking. I've been putting a lot of thought time into this new project. Of course you can see that I borrowed this picture from I bought this book a couple of years ago and made two quilts from it, neither one a butterfly. This time I am going for a butterfly.
When I originally bought the book, I searched all the fabric stores for the ruler that goes with it. I finally ended up ordering it from the address inside the book. They were very prompt in responding and I was off and running.
Hope you will follow me as embark on this new project and maybe even make your own at the same time. I'm gathering my fabrics and will keep you posted.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do As I Say

"Do as I say, not as I do." That was a saying I heard often as a child. It didn't make any sense to me but that didn't stop adults from saying it. When my aunt was teaching me to sew, she would say that. She would tell me to work on one thing at a time. Then I would look around her studio which was overwhelmed with half finished projects and wonder what she meant.

I think she was trying to save me from the fate she had fallen victim to. Only to no avail, I followed her footsteps exactly. I learned from what she did and felt bad for years that I couldn't follow her words.

Then I realized that no one who sews works on one project at a time. I also realized that I liked working on several projects at one time. It helps take the monotony out of it. Sometimes I get frustrated with a project and need to step away from it for a while. I work on a second project until I'm ready to go back to the first one. Most times I limit it just three projects going at once. But sometimes I slip pretty badly and find that I have started over ten things, then I have a finishing day. I work hard to get it back down to three.

I'm up to five right now, so I guess tomorrow will be a finishing day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Out The Box

I was pleasantly re-united with a friend that I hadn't seen in many many years. She asked me what kind of quilts do I specialize in. I hesitated with my answer as I contemplated exactly what to say. "I try to work outside my own box," I said. She said, yeah I looked at your website ( and noticed that you have a little of everything, some geometric, some people, some abstract.
I think my style is pretty distinct. When you see my work it has a certain look but I like to try all kinds of things. I will work on a wonderful abstract and then cross back over to a traditional pattern. I go to people with faces and then back to silhouettes. I work with light backgrounds, dark backgrounds, solids and then patterned fabric background.
Although, I am constantly striving to go outside the confines of my thinking, I still struggle with certain control issues. A visual artist cannot hide behind his/her work. The work will shout out quite loudly--she likes bright colors, she likes to frame a picture, she likes a certain amount of rest for the eye in the piece and she tends to focus her work to the right. Who knew?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Times at High School

I have to say we had a wonderful time at Eagle's Landing High School. Special thanks to Principal Crerie, Mrs. Jordon, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Wright and Ms. Georgia for all they did in putting together a great Black History Month Program that everyone could be proud of. An outstanding list of students displayed various talents: Zaire O'Neal, Iachin Goggin, Isiah Hamm, Trevor Oliver, Rodney Joseph, Casey Gardner, Lindsey Bloodworth, Daniel Hyde, Mia Black. the Eagle's Landing High School Chorus and a special presentation from the Bellethnic Dance Company. Black History month has come a long way since I was in high school. A welcome change.

I also gave away copies of my book, "Afterwhile: Secrets of a Woman's Heart." Some of the readers should come on here and block with me about it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hooked On Sewing

It's here. It's here. I rushed out this morning to get my machine. I was glad to see it as if were an old friend. I think I was about to have some kind of withdrawal or something. Four whole days without my machine. It really was just the thought that it wasn't there that bothered me. Of course I have gone days, even weeks with using it. The idea of not being able to use it when I chose to was a drag. All that is behind me now.

I hurried in with it, stopping for nothing. Plugged it in just to see how well it worked. The people at Atlanta Sewing Machine on Metropolitan Blvd. are my heroes. I've been using them for about 15 years or so. They really made it sew like new.

I finished the eyes I was working on when my back up machine caught on fire. I even worked on the hair. Changed thread color and started stitching the face. I was there stitching away for a while when I remembered how hungry I was. I am so happy to have my machine back.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Missing Sewing Machine Blues

We had our monthly Brown Sugar Stitchers guild meeting today. It is always so good to see everyone. I feel blessed to be in the presence of so many talented quilters.
No sewing machine yet but the repair shop promises to have it ready by Monday. Can't wait. I'm getting a lot of hand work done, even some computer work. I'll be good and ready when that machine gets back here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Next

It is a pretty sad day in the Lumumba house today.

My main sewing machine got sick the other day. I figured that wasn't too bad because I had a back-up. So I pulled out my back-up which is a wonderful old sewiing machine that belonged to my mother-in-law when she was a young woman. I have had it serviced a couple of times. I knew it was delicate so I set out to work on a really small project. Just eyes on the face of my new project. Just eyes! how much harm could that do.

It was sewing beautifully. Then the paddle started to stall. The motor felt hot, so I guessed it was running hot. Stepped away to another project for a while, let it cool off and back to the eyes I went. Then I smelled smoke. The foot paddle was fully engulfed in smoke. I unplugged and could see a full day of sewing gone. Oh well, there's always hand quilting.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Calendar Sale!

$0.99 Calendar SALE!

I am glad to say that I am down to just a few calendars left. I am sad to say that I am down to just a few calendars left. Talking about mixed emotions. On one hand it is good that I have almost sold out and on the other hand I may not have enough for you if you don't hurry.

So for all of the people that meant to get a calendar but forgot and all of the people that couldn't afford the $15.00 original price and for all the people who just heard of my calendar and all the rest-they are now $.99 plus shipping and handling at

Monday, February 16, 2009

I rushed to Bloomingdale's at Lennox armed with my camera, excitement and anticipation. They did not disappoint. The exhibit was beautifully set up. We scurried from the first floor where several quilts were set up in the men's department to the second floor where Elaine's beaded "Transitions" was featured in a vitrine (fancy name for a glass box). My "Mad Sax" quilts were there by the elevator.

Then the third floor featured my black and white pieces. How wonderful!