Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do As I Say

"Do as I say, not as I do." That was a saying I heard often as a child. It didn't make any sense to me but that didn't stop adults from saying it. When my aunt was teaching me to sew, she would say that. She would tell me to work on one thing at a time. Then I would look around her studio which was overwhelmed with half finished projects and wonder what she meant.

I think she was trying to save me from the fate she had fallen victim to. Only to no avail, I followed her footsteps exactly. I learned from what she did and felt bad for years that I couldn't follow her words.

Then I realized that no one who sews works on one project at a time. I also realized that I liked working on several projects at one time. It helps take the monotony out of it. Sometimes I get frustrated with a project and need to step away from it for a while. I work on a second project until I'm ready to go back to the first one. Most times I limit it just three projects going at once. But sometimes I slip pretty badly and find that I have started over ten things, then I have a finishing day. I work hard to get it back down to three.

I'm up to five right now, so I guess tomorrow will be a finishing day.


Karmen said...

I was looking for you at the show this weekend, and was disappointed our paths didn't cross. This show was not as good as the one in October though. I had to restrain myself anyway, or I would end up with too many of those "in progress" items, too. I am trying to finish UFOs (unfinished objects), but the inspirations for new projects just keep comin. And who, in their right mind, can ignore inspriation?

aisha said...

Sorry I missed the show. Glad I found your new blog. I wondered what had happened to you. I say keep following those inspirations.

Faye Lewis said...

Aisha, this certainly sounds familiar. I really fight hard not start additional projects before I finish something - but it is really a constant battle. Thank you for following my blog!