Sunday, March 1, 2009

Out The Box

I was pleasantly re-united with a friend that I hadn't seen in many many years. She asked me what kind of quilts do I specialize in. I hesitated with my answer as I contemplated exactly what to say. "I try to work outside my own box," I said. She said, yeah I looked at your website ( and noticed that you have a little of everything, some geometric, some people, some abstract.
I think my style is pretty distinct. When you see my work it has a certain look but I like to try all kinds of things. I will work on a wonderful abstract and then cross back over to a traditional pattern. I go to people with faces and then back to silhouettes. I work with light backgrounds, dark backgrounds, solids and then patterned fabric background.
Although, I am constantly striving to go outside the confines of my thinking, I still struggle with certain control issues. A visual artist cannot hide behind his/her work. The work will shout out quite loudly--she likes bright colors, she likes to frame a picture, she likes a certain amount of rest for the eye in the piece and she tends to focus her work to the right. Who knew?

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