Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring is coming so fast. I remember as a small child watching family members clean like crazy. As I got older and was added to the cleaning frenzy, I realized that I didn't like it at all. I guess it was one of those necessary evils. Washing, scrubbing, dusting and cleaning. I loved that we got an opportunity to go outside, but I just wanted to be outside playing instead of cleaning blinds. I wanted to go around and look at the daffodils and the camellias. I loved flowers and how they helped me learn to tell time. Global warming has changed some of that schedule but yesterday I saw some daffodils laughing in the sunlight. That made me think that all was well with the world.
So in honor of impending spring, I have set aside many quilts on my website for the purging fate. My purge will be your treasure. I've set quilts at bottom line door buster prices. I felt a little twinge of the gruelling spring cleaning rituals as I lowered one price after another. I guess it is one of those necessary evils.
Do me a favor. At least go to the website and look, even if you don't buy today. And tell all your friends about the sale. Help me get these quilts out of the closets and on to your bare walls that are screaming for art or onto your beds that long for that little touch of beauty and handmade warmth.