Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week of Leaves

To tell the strange truth I have enjoyed sewing leaves on the quilt. It has taken a lot longer than I planned but that seems to be my claim to fame. I used to make a "Things To Do TODAY" list and it would take me a week or two to do it all. When I calculate in my brain how long it will take me to make something, I don't take into account unforseen things popping up-like cooking dinner.

This week a lot of pop-ups happened. The time I thought I had for sewing turned into volunteering on someone else's project. I worked some late nights to make up the missed time. I still need to put some more leaves in but I can see the end in sight. I'm getting a litte excited about transitioning to the people. I am going to start with the clothes first, then to the faces.

I did get some insight about the picture this week. It was taken about 1943 after a funeral. All four of the children in the picture grew up to be great participants in the affairs of the world. I am working hard to make this a fitting tribute to them.

The quilt has definitely come a long way since I started with the plain white house. I guess that is the real story. What brings life to an otherwise dull and boring house is vegetation and people. This house is slowly coming to life. Therefore, an empty house without people will eventually revert back to lifelessness and die.

Monday, May 13, 2013


I recently found out that the picture was taken after a funeral. Now my new detective job is to find out whose funeral it was. I suspected that it was a funeral since the boys had on white. It has always been a belief in my family that children wear white to funerals. I remember my sister frantically going from store to store trying to find some appropriate white outfit for my younger sister and I to wear to a funeral.
With all that said, I am inching my way along on the greenery. I spend my evenings cutting leaves. I cut a bag full, thinking that I had done a lot. The next morning I sewed them on in about an hour and it covered about 4 inches. That is when I realized that it is going to take so many leaves that I can't even imagine. So last night, I cut another bag full. I am all over the place working on the leaves and grass. I get tired of working on one spot and shift to another spot. Then I try to stay focused and work on one area. That lasts a little while.
I'm really getting a little antsy to work on the children. I think I may work on their clothes a little bit. Saving the faces for last. Anyway, it has come a long way from the first white blob. Thanks for checking in on my progress. I can call it progress, can't I? ha ha ha

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Slow Progress

My hope is that the greenery will be so detailed that it will add so much beauty to the picture. I just started it. I thought I would be much farther along by now. I had rationed myself a week to work on the greenery. I am into the second week and working hard to finish it this week. It looks like it will take some really late nights to make that happen.

I am working on getting some history of this picture. Thinking that the history might help me come up with a fitting name, unless one of you come up with something even better. Right now I am calling it "Four" just as my reference, but that is not what I want for the name.

Friday, May 3, 2013

First Construction

I started building the house for the quilt. I have to admit that it doesn't look like much, but it will. This is the foundation for something great to come. Or at least that is my plan.

Is this how the Wizard of Oz felt when Diana Ross pulled back the curtain to find that he was only smoke and mirrors? When I first start with this blob, I can see the finished product. Something is missing in this picture, though. Plan to go to the fabric store tomorrow. I will post another look once I get that fixed.

Over the years I have noticed that most people do not see my vision or care to. Then there are those special few- who can see where you are going -- or are willing to wait to see where you are going.

I have met those who ask me what I am going to do next and then proceed to tell me what they think I should do. I pray that I am not one of those people. When someone shows me a work in progress, I consciously look and listen. Then try to follow their dream.  So much of the work goes on inside one's head that it is magical when it finally makes sense in reality.

I am starting on the greenery and shrubs next. I am pretty excited about all the different colors of green I have to work with as well as all the techniques I want to try in order to make it look real. That is always the goal, and hope that each time I get closer to that look.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Breaking Through

I have just started a new project. I have also envied the artists that can post their work in progress. Fear has gripped me deep in my stomach at the thought of going through my process in the public eye. This year I am working on breaking through some of my stagnant habits. This may prove to be good for me and my process or not. We shall all see.

It has to be good for my spiritual development though. It is never good to be stuck. This is the project I have just started. I have a little more of a time limit on this one than I like to have, but it may make me work a little harder and consistent on this one quilt.

This is my rough sketch on paper. I don't have a name for it yet, but I am hoping that you all will help me with that. I am holding my breath and getting ready to post the first stage of fabric work soon.