Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Keepsake

I have created these wonderful keepsake boxes. I am always thinking that if it is something I would like then there is someone else who would like it as well. This box can have your own lovely picture on the top.

I have enjoyed making these boxes so much. Lately, one day has been turning into the next day so fast that it is hard for me to focus. So when I sit down and do some decoupaging, it is like taking a breather. And believe me between my grandson, quilting and cooking, I can really use a breather.

I can't wait to see what I create for Mother's Day. Start getting your pictures ready.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 10 for 10

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day the 2012 Metamorphosis Calendar is on sale. On January 15, 2012 you can order 10 calendars for $10.00 (a $150.00 value). Yes ONLY $10.00
They make great gifts for family, friends, and customers.

My father had great admiration for Martin Luther King at a time when I was highly influenced by watching him. I had no idea how profound that would be in my life. I also had no idea that Martin Luther King Jr.'s humble but provocative influence would have such far reaching effects on so many lives. We were poor in a rural area of Georgia. I would see my father first worry when a march would happen and then I'd see a proud-ness when it was over that I had never seen in his eyes before. There was something quiet about the way he hung on every word on the news, watching intensely when the water hoses were turned on the marchers. I always got the impression that he wanted to be there, taking a stand, but had too much at stake to take a risk like that. So he was one of the many that kept vigil and prayed for their safety.

My father went to Morehouse and stood in the long line that wrapped itself around several blocks. My Uncle Doc met him there. They processed past a great man and knew it. It was never lost on us (as a people) that a change was happening before our eyes.

We don't take this day for granted. Even though many of us have to work, we still hold the vigil and pray for even more changes.

First 30 Customers- One Day Only- Mark your calendars and set your clocks

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Trust me. I really had my sights on the moon but landed somewhere among the stars. I'm talking about posting the entire month of December. 25 out of 31 wasn't too shabby. I had the best intentions. And I know they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but I really tried. Hopefully, I haven't helped pave that road.

Around the 25th, I started feeling the energy called the FLU chasing me. It was always a couple of steps behind me but close. I developed a little cough and was moving kind of slow. I could feel the FLU breathing heavily on the back of my neck as I kept trying to stay a few steps ahead of it. I made it without being knocked out and now I am back.

Today I am posting a quilt called "Imani." I called her Imani because she reminded me of the essence of Kwanzaa. The last day of Kwanzaa is January 1 and represented by the principle called Imani. Happy Kwanzaa as well. "Imani" is hand quilted and 20.5"x39"