Thursday, January 15, 2015

Home Stretch

I'm finally back to work on this project. It has been sitting on the design board, looking at me, while I work on other projects and meditate on how it will develop. Plus I wanted some focused-time to concentrate on it and nothing else.
I tackled the lips as soon as I had three hours of alone time with this quilt. When I am close to the quilt, it just looks like a lot of little pieces of fabric cut into the craziest shapes. But when I step back from it, I find it worth every little twist and turn on the sewing machine.
Then I was on to that wonderful gray spot in her hair. I know the standard now is to dye it so we can look young as long as possible. If gray hair means aging, then I say flaunt it. Show the world all the years you have to be grateful for living. Let it be an accumulation of knowledge. Let it tell the story of survival, compassion and triumph. So I found a good four or five hours and let the sewing machine have its way. I first layered in some black strands of thread over the white fabric. Then I laid in with the gray and white mix. Back and forth, back and forth. Whooooo Wee......

Finally an almost complete face (no eyelashes yet), but I am still trying to decide on the background. I'm sure it will strike me soon.