Friday, May 11, 2012

My New Quilt Catalog

This time I've got a good ticket and a good seat.

Over my years I have often bought tickets to various adventures. Some of those rides were because my best friend went first while others were to see what I see. These were not the kind of rides my Dad took me on at the fairground when I was a little girl. Oh no! These were much more adventurous. Like the time in high school we all decided to drink wine for the first time. All my high school buddies went on that ride with me. I think we were all sick together. I bet my Dad was looking out the window laughing as I was bent over in the back yard throwing up. He knew a good punishment when he saw one.

Oh yeah and the time we went to Stone Mountain. That was our Senior Trip. Over the top ride. The officials at Stone Mountain called our school and banned us from ever coming again. Then there were major life changing rides, like marriage, childbirth, and jobs.

I've rode on many group-building rides and joined other groups when the train stopped between stations. I've met many people on those rides. Some I had to leave on various trains and some others are still in my life. And I am very thankful to those that are still here.

When Kyra Hicks pulled up with this train, I could not resist. She had tickets for seats on her blog--  and a workbook to accompany it. I got a seat by the window. I was alone in the train car but excited to be there. Soon other people started pouring in. I was writing and collecting pictures of my quilts. This was by far one of the best rides of my life.

The next thing I knew- the train horn was blowing and I had a completed book. Ms. Hicks' blog and book was invaluable. I wrote my quilt catalog- "Gifted: Art Quilts Featuring African American History Makers." It showcases quilts that I have exhibited at the Atrium on Sweet Auburn (Atlanta, GA), The National Black Arts Festival (Atlanta, GA), and the Birmingham Public Library (Birmingham, Alabama). I think I will get another ticket and maybe write another book. Whoo Hoo!

You can get the book on Check it out.

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