Saturday, November 21, 2009

Resplendent Art Exhibition

Resplendent Art Exhibition with Fiber, Beads, and Mixed Media opened at November 16 and runs through December 31, 2009. The exhibition features art from Aisha Lumumba, Elaine Parker, and Janice Hunter.

I started this purple and green quilt back in April and you all were there with me as I blogged about it. It is finally finished and a part of the exhibit. I call it "Lift Off." You may remember how that developed. I went in my stash and pulled out the fabrics to make it. I was amazed that I had what I needed just waiting for me to put it together in something spectacular.
The theme of the exhibit is the beauty of butterflies. The opening reception was last night and it was a great start to a wonderful show.

People I haven't seen in several years came. Some friends that I worked with over 20 years ago saw my name in the advertisement and surprised me. My cousins are always there and oh so supportive. Pamela Diana, the dramatist and poet, performed. If you ever have an opportunity to seeand hear her, don't miss it. All of us artists were proud and humbled. I'll put some pictures up from the reception soon.

The quilt that we used for advertising is called "Resplendent" appropriately named for the exhibit. I had the idea for this quilt in my head. I knew I wanted a butterfly turned sideways and flying away from a flower. I knew I wanted it to be gold on a black background. I thought that would create the dramatic effect I was after. I collected fabrics and trims for months with that butterfly in mind. When I finally started to work on it, it took shape quickly. I guess I had done most of the work in the thinking process. That new Brother sewing machine was also a tremendous help. I never know exactly how many hours a quilt is going to demand but I was pretty sure this one would take a while. The more embellishments I put on it the more it seemed to need. I may go back and put more beads on later, who knows.