Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking Wings

It's starting to look like a butterfly. I feel a little tingling in my toes. It is funny how some quilts excite me from the very beginning while others take their own time to warm me. When I am working on one that excites me from the very start, I wake up in the morning and can't wait to get to it. Maybe it's the most challenging ones. I dream about how to work out the smallest details. I think about them when I am away from them. But as soon as I get close to the end of it my mind is off and running to the next project.

I have also found that the challenge doesn't feel the same the second or third time around. Maybe that's it. I have made this pattern before so there is nothing for me to figure out. I know! I'll figure exciting ways to embellish the wings and the antenna.

It needs to be trimmed before I can put it together and I've decided to add a squared border to the edges. But at least it is taking wings.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Excitement Yet

The process of creating that wonderful butterfly quilt continues. I cut all the wedges this weekend, but still have not felt that excitement that makes you want to hurry and finish so you can see the end result.

I'm ususally really impetuous. This time I am purposely taking this slowly so I can see how that feels. Lol. Quilting always takes a long time but I rush around the room to make myself feel super busy. Then when I am thoroughly exhausted and have no choice, I sit down and sew by hand. That seems to help me unwind.

I did start on quilt #6 for the 2010 calendar. I'm hand quilting #1 and staring at #2, #3, and #4. I plan to machine quilt #2 myself and send #3 out to be machine quilted. #4 is surely going to be a hand quilted one but that's a ways away.

I had to walk away from #5. You know sometimes a project can get to you and you need to step away. It may take me about a week to get back to it but that is okay. My mind had to rest from the intense project and that heavy imagery made me a little crazy.

I plan to layout #6 and #7 this week. I'll let you know if that happens. #7 definitely warrants a trip to the fabric store. Of course, I am behind schedule (self-imposed of course) but behind none-the-less. if I can keep going at this rate I may be able to make up some of the lost time.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Working It Out

I finally sewed some strips together on this butterfly project. I'm surprised that it took me all week to do this. I had planned for this to be a slow project but not this slow. I did six of the nine required panels. I should be able to do the last three this week. Then I will be on to cutting the wedges. After the wedges are cut it'll be time to start forming the butterfly. Then I'll probably start feeling anxious about seeing the finished product. But for now I'm pretty relaxed with the level of progress, it doesn't look like anything yet.

What I really did this week was to create some new art pieces for my Mosaic Tile Workshop. The idea was to do some pieces that could be easily finished within the three hours of the workshop. I was able to do them in less time and am completely confident that a beginner can finish one in three hours. The workshop is on Saturday, April 25, 2009 10am-1pm at The New Arts Exchange 750 Kalb Ave. Atlanta GA 30312.

This workshop helps you to create memorable tile art. Mosaic Tile Basics is a great place to start. During this mosaic tile course, you will learn “Pique Assiette” (broken ceramic pieces) construction. We will cover the basics of mosaic tile materials, mosaic tile tools, cutting methods and application. If you like puzzles, this class is for you. The skills acquired in this class can be applied to limitless mosaic projects. Once you get started with this great art form beware, nothing is safe from you. For more information: or call 404-624-4211 or email:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chosen Fabrics and a Plan

Here are the chosen ones. I think they are going to make something really fabulous. It is not so easy to sew and blog at the same time, but I'm working it out. My strategy is to start the cutting process this weekend.

Lately I have been working on the quilts for the next calendar (2010). So far I have 5 made but I thought I would have at least 6 by now. I'm finding that it takes me a good amount of time just to come up with the concept. I take all the things I want to say in the quilt and mix them around in my brain for a while. It feels like making fire by rubbing two sticks together. Sometimes the spark comes right away. Then other times I'm shivering with cold before the flame comes. A faint idea comes but is shadowy and far away looking. Those take a long time to come into focus. I look at everything around. I look at books and magazines for inspiration. Still I am stuck on the cocept for the last three pictures.

It doesn't matter because today I loose myself in work on Number 6 and then cut some strips for a butterfly quilt.