Friday, April 3, 2009

Chosen Fabrics and a Plan

Here are the chosen ones. I think they are going to make something really fabulous. It is not so easy to sew and blog at the same time, but I'm working it out. My strategy is to start the cutting process this weekend.

Lately I have been working on the quilts for the next calendar (2010). So far I have 5 made but I thought I would have at least 6 by now. I'm finding that it takes me a good amount of time just to come up with the concept. I take all the things I want to say in the quilt and mix them around in my brain for a while. It feels like making fire by rubbing two sticks together. Sometimes the spark comes right away. Then other times I'm shivering with cold before the flame comes. A faint idea comes but is shadowy and far away looking. Those take a long time to come into focus. I look at everything around. I look at books and magazines for inspiration. Still I am stuck on the cocept for the last three pictures.

It doesn't matter because today I loose myself in work on Number 6 and then cut some strips for a butterfly quilt.

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Faye Lewis said...

Beautiful fabric, I'll be watching your progress.