Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Excitement Yet

The process of creating that wonderful butterfly quilt continues. I cut all the wedges this weekend, but still have not felt that excitement that makes you want to hurry and finish so you can see the end result.

I'm ususally really impetuous. This time I am purposely taking this slowly so I can see how that feels. Lol. Quilting always takes a long time but I rush around the room to make myself feel super busy. Then when I am thoroughly exhausted and have no choice, I sit down and sew by hand. That seems to help me unwind.

I did start on quilt #6 for the 2010 calendar. I'm hand quilting #1 and staring at #2, #3, and #4. I plan to machine quilt #2 myself and send #3 out to be machine quilted. #4 is surely going to be a hand quilted one but that's a ways away.

I had to walk away from #5. You know sometimes a project can get to you and you need to step away. It may take me about a week to get back to it but that is okay. My mind had to rest from the intense project and that heavy imagery made me a little crazy.

I plan to layout #6 and #7 this week. I'll let you know if that happens. #7 definitely warrants a trip to the fabric store. Of course, I am behind schedule (self-imposed of course) but behind none-the-less. if I can keep going at this rate I may be able to make up some of the lost time.

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A Quilter Awakens said...

Hang in there, you do fabulous work. I totally agree with the hand sewing being relaxing. I can't sit still in the house without something in my hands to work on.
Take care,