Monday, February 9, 2015

Third Base

I can see home base glaring in the bright summer sun. Just one more hit and I am flying into home base like a super ball player. I went window shopping at all the online fabric stores. Then one fabric stuck in my mind. I went past it and made a mental note. I looked at about 100 more fabrics only to go back to that one that initially turned my head. Somehow I knew it was the one to make the statement I wanted.After a lot of auditioning ideas, I finally settled on the fabric for the background.

The closer I get to the end, the further away it seems. Quilting is next. I have pinned the face onto the background. I need to sew that on by hand before quilting. The task of embellishing will be last. The good news is that I am up to the task. The main problem is that the clock is chasing me around the house and he is winning. I plan to have it together by the deadline, but it looks like it will be tight.  I'll keep you posted.