Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Slow Progress

My hope is that the greenery will be so detailed that it will add so much beauty to the picture. I just started it. I thought I would be much farther along by now. I had rationed myself a week to work on the greenery. I am into the second week and working hard to finish it this week. It looks like it will take some really late nights to make that happen.

I am working on getting some history of this picture. Thinking that the history might help me come up with a fitting name, unless one of you come up with something even better. Right now I am calling it "Four" just as my reference, but that is not what I want for the name.


Carol said...

The background and setting the stage for how you want a piece to be is always the hardest. After this major feat all else will be downhill. My best to you.

aisha said...

Thanks Carol. You are so right. Setting the stage is always the hardest. It has also been hard for me to share the process.