Monday, February 16, 2009

I rushed to Bloomingdale's at Lennox armed with my camera, excitement and anticipation. They did not disappoint. The exhibit was beautifully set up. We scurried from the first floor where several quilts were set up in the men's department to the second floor where Elaine's beaded "Transitions" was featured in a vitrine (fancy name for a glass box). My "Mad Sax" quilts were there by the elevator.

Then the third floor featured my black and white pieces. How wonderful!



I am so excited for you!!! The world derseves to see such wonderful work.
Much more success to you.

aisha said...

Thanks. All I know to do is keep working. I have so many new pieces of art still in my head trying to get out. It really brings me joy that other's can see what is going on in my head.