Thursday, February 12, 2009


Our Black History Month exhibit opens today at Bloomingdale's in Lennox Square Mall and Perimeter Mall (Atlanta, GA). Are we excited you ask? the room can hardly contain us. We are ecstatic! I haven't seen it yet but I am so excited to see what they did. Our art is so full of lively color and Bloomingdale's doesn't seem to relate to lively colors. The store was beautifully brown, beige, and black. One thing is for sure, our quilts will stand out no matter what they do with them.

Saturday I speak at the Martin Luther King Jr. Branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Library. I have my list of quilts to take for show and tell. I'm packing the stands, artist info packages and the like. Always hoping for a big crowd.

Sunday will be something different. A sister circle has invited me to exhibit and tell my stories at the Arts Exchange. A dear friend is having a baby shower at the same time. Sorry that I am going to miss that. Maybe I'll tell an extra story with the new baby in mind.

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