Friday, July 24, 2009

Reception Pictures

The best birthday ever. The reception was just great. Thought I would post a few pictures for all of you that were not able to come. I should have known they would have a birthday surprise but I was so busy finishing up all the quilts that it never crossed my mind. So of course I was just blown away when they brought out the cake. Hope someone got pictures of that look on my face.

I got calls from near and far. All the lovely people in my life called to wish me happy birthday. Then all the rest of the people I know shouted out on facebook. The cap was having a crowded reception. It was so to open the exhibition with so much family and so many friends.


Sheila said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!


Happy Birthday, your work continues to be amazing!!!.

aisha said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Everything is so exciting right now but moving so fast.

prashant said...

adorable blog and post

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