Sunday, January 11, 2009

First I want to thank Kyra at Black Threads for the wonderful post about my website. If you haven't seen it yet, please be my guest at . It has taken me several years to finally get to this point with it. I had no idea that finding someone to create the site and publish it would be so trying.

I started out with someone I kind of knew. He promised me the moon and barely delivered one star. Then he went through a divorce that landed his wife with the computer and all my stuff. So that was when I decided to do it myself with one of those sites that promise you don't have to know anything about websites to design your own. How untrue. I did something but their template software was not ready for primetime. It couldn't link pages. It couldn't do rollovers and on and on. So I gave that up.

Then a closer friend who did this on the side. He put up a wonderful site but never could find the time to finish it. Then more friends and friends of friends.

One of my daugthers found someone who promised the other side of the moon. I wonder why some of the people who work on computers talk such a good game but can not deliver. He was not only going to lasso the moon but reel in the stars with it. Still not much.

Then the sky parted and my daugther decided to learn to create websites. She is wonderful and patient. I can't thank her enough. She's probably out there working on it right now. Check it out to see what she has done recently.

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