Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time vs Organization

I seem to always feel like I don't have enough time. It looks like I have the same number of hours as everyone else but they seem to get more done. Everything I have read and watched on HGTV points to the fact that organization would save me time. When will I find enough time to organize. Don't get me wrong I organize a little then get back to work. Then I work a lot until it gets the best of me then I stop and organize a little.

I have found that when I am working I don't have time to organize and clean. The elves nor the fairies come in to surprise me during the night. And when I am cleaning and organizing the work time is ticking away. I want to balance the two but haven't worked that out yet. I'm open for suggestions.

I've been watching the way I work and that has helped a lot. I know that I need little baskets for projects that I am currently working on. If I pack it way away I forget about it. It becomes "out of site-out of mind." Then I need places for short term put aside, where I can see them but not put completely away. I have plenty of places where I have put things away and some days I open them and say oh I forgot I had this. I can use it now.

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