Sunday, June 6, 2010

2011 Calendar

My newest work is the "Laughter, Lessons and Triumph Calendar" for 2011. I am so excited that is ready early this year for pre-orders. This is one of my triumphs because it means I am finally getting a better handle on the use of my time.
Last year I didn't get a calendar out at all. I was a little down about that. I love consistency and dependability. I felt like I wasn't either one last year, although, I did a lot of other things. This year I have had to cut some activities and focus.
This calendar is great. It really showcases my work from all the different angles I like to look from. I said once that I struggle to go outside my box. Even though, I struggle so much to do that I still find a instantly recognizable quality in what I do. I have done some traditional quilts with a slant. I have done some modern quilts with a flair and most of all I have done some people doing what I love to see them do. We all go through times where we laugh, sing, and just "be" happy. Then there are other times when we just barely make through the tough lessons life has to teach us, like it or not. But the sweetest of them all is the triumph we feel when we wake up yet another morning to either laugh or learn lessons. I say, if I wake up in the morning, it is on. I have another day to make it work. That is why this calendar is the epitome of some of the laughter, a lot of the lessons and most of all the triumph.
Pre-order today at and save $5.00.

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