Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow in ATL

Snow Days are usually the best time to get some work done for an artist. When it snows in Atlanta, the whole city literally shuts down. When my children were little we built a snow man. Mind you, we only would have about an inch or two of snow. So they would take their wagon up and down the street scraping snow off the neighbors cars and then carting it back to our yard. Of course we were know for having the only snow man the next day after all the snow was gone. My new grand baby is too little for that and hopefully I'll still be up to it by the time he gets old enough to cart snow from the neighbors. If things (weather) keeps going like it is going, we won't have to get snow from the neighbors. We had our very own 4 inches this time, much more than enough to make a great snow man.
Boy was I excited to have these snow days. You see, I have this quilt that I have been working on far too long and I just got it to the final stage. I loaded it on the Long Arm quilting machine and planned to wilde away the days stitching up and down. The first day I was really rolling when I noticed a strange smell. It seemed like it was coming from the motor, but the machine still sounded good. I'm always listening for that sound that means something is not just right. No sound, though.
I put my nose close to the motor. The smell was not coming from it. So I started taking long breaks thinking that maybe I was running it hard and hot. Each time I came back to the machine, it would smell the same by the time I reached the end of a row. I couldn't figure it out.
Then all of a sudden the machine stopped. When I pressed the button the motor would run but the machine itself would not budge. Finally I moved the protective cover of the belt and it popped out. It had snapped. Oh well, so much for finishing that project.
So I hurriedly grabbed another one. It would be a shame to let these lazy days past without getting some real lazy day work done.

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A Quilter Awakens said...

Aye, it is always something! So lucky you had another belt handy. I still haven't ventured out in a car. The roads are still quite icy here in Gwinnett. And school is out AGAIN tomorrow. Karmen