Sunday, May 4, 2014

Atlanta Pride

I moved to Atlanta many many years ago. I find that without travel one tends to take home for granted. Recently I visited South Carolina and it opened my appreciation of the dry land in Atlanta. While in South Carolina, I looked over at the wet marshland off the side of the road as we moved along, just curious about walking in such an area. I could see myself sloshing through with big rubber boots, not the cute sandals I was wearing. That was not my idea of an afternoon stroll. I do have to admit that I loved the massive old trees that had been so strategically preserved.

Yesterday, I was riding along an Atlanta highway and I looked over to the dry grassy area. I found myself thinking that I like the dryness. Instantly realizing that it was training and association that fueled that love but loved it none the less.

I appreciated the wetlands but couldn't wait to get back home. This new t-shirt is my tribute to the city I have come to love. The picture is from my quilt A-T-L which is the skyline of Atlanta. This week I have offered it in two colors.
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