Thursday, December 14, 2017


Yes I love orange.  So many people have asked me if orange is my favorite color. Well yes it is. Love that color. It is like a bright spot in the middle of my day. Lifts me right up anytime. I think it has gotten a bad reputation.

The Witty Bunny says: "You're deeply compassionate and kind. Your big heart makes you an angel here on earth, and you bring great and peaceful vibes everywhere." I can't say whether I am really an angel on earth that brings peaceful vibes everywhere but I try.

There are some people that do not like the color orange because it is attached to Halloween. I am sorry that a color is banished to the dark side because a group of people have attached it to a particular holiday. I am one of those people that love bright colors. Well, truthfully, I love all colors. Bright yellow/gold and orange are my absolute favorites. Sometimes I even wear red.

When I make quilts my first choice is always orange, then I think better of it because it seems that the majority of the population (that might want to buy a quilt) like more muted colors. I have to tone it down. I'm one of those people that gets excited when Mr. Sun peeks in the window early in the morning, but there are others who wear a mask just so they don't see the sun. And that is okay.

The differences in people is what makes the world go around. I'll continue to slip it in here and there in my quilts and I will wear it as much as I can. You should try it sometimes.

 I kept this quilt for myself.
Life is full of so many wonderful colors that we can all celebrate. Orange is my favorite. I'll be somewhere indulging in orange and wearing a smile. And if all goes well I will bring great and peaceful vibes everywhere.


Conaky Mays said...

Even though blue is my favorite, I am also drawn to orange! Your writing is inspirational!

YouNiqueWellness said...

And Orange Loves you right back dearest SyStar Aisha. You radiate when wearing it. Many Blessing. Saat-Rai