Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Resplendent Video on Youtube

I am so excited that my new video about the Resplendent Exhibition is up on YouTube. The exhibition opened November 16 and went through January 31, 2010. The exhibit featured butterflies. We tried to explore butterflies from many different points of view. Janice did a series called Georgia Grown which focused on three butterflies that are indigenous to Georgia. Elaine created a beaded curtain of a flower garden visited by butterflies. Janice and I dabbled into fantasy as we made our own species of butterflies with Whimsy, Metamorphosis and The Search Is On. I'm trying to figure out which quilt I like the best. Maybe you can help me by posting your favorite in the comments section after you view the video.
We had storytelling and many private showings. I wanted to share the exhibit with all of the people that could not make it. Elaine, Janice and I enjoyed the exhibit thoroughly and now you can see my portion of it on Youtube.com

Click: http:/www.youtube.com/profile?user=obaquilts#plu/0/2OdMoBrHKsl


LynnDel said...

Loved the video! I should have written down the quilt names, but I didn't. I liked them all, but the two little girls chasing butterflies, and the butterfly quilt you said started out round were standouts for me. I looked at the video on my cell phone, so the pictures were small, and I missed seeing what you'd be able to see in larger format. Thanks for your post on the QA list!

Karoda said...

Hi Aisha, I'm new to your blog but wanted to say thank you for sharing the video. My favorite is of the 2 little girls. Happy stitches to you!

Gloria said...

Beautiful quilts on your video. Love your colors. designs, and the variety of your quilts. The only problem was background music was so loud it was hard to hear you at times. Music was really nice but wish it had been at lower volume while you were speaking. Thank you for sharing the video with us.

misha said...

Great video. I loved all the stunning quilts. Lift Off is my favorite. Thank you for posting the video.