Thursday, July 29, 2010


I was so inspired by Raymond Houston's blog about making the quilt blocks for the Global Change project that I set out to make some too. I went to the website and thought it was a wonderful cause. If you are a quilter, please check it out and join.

These are the blocks that I made for the project. I pray they can be worked in some kind of way. All the blocks are so vastly different that are made by people from all over the world.
The first block I made using different size strips. I like the seemingly syncopated rhythm it makes because they don't match exactly. The second came straight out of my 2" square solid stash. When I have time I cut the smallest scraps into 2" squares and put them in a box. I separate the solids from the prints. I don't throw anything away larger than 2 inches. The last on was a pattern I wanted to try out. I liked it so much. I love when a pattern is really simple but gives the look of difficulty.
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Carol said...

All the blocks are really nice, but I especially like the third one. I can already picture in my head a paper piece pattern for it, and I can imagine what a full quilt make from this block would be most beautiful. Nice

aisha said...

Thanks Carol.