Monday, August 9, 2010

I Luv Saturdays

I love Saturdays for several reasons. First it is the monotony breaker for the week, maybe not for me but for everyone else which in turn affects me. Saturday maybe embedded in my Psychic since I was born on Saturday. I mostly love Saturday because it is the day the I can have my whole mind to myself. I mean I can concentrate fully on my work for the whole day and not have to keep an ear out for anyone. I don't have half my brain working on a project while the other half is getting ready to go out, making sure I remember to take this or that. I'm not constantly trying to figure out who gets paid next.

I cook really early so that no one is expecting me to stop to cook. I don't have to pay any bills or answer the phone if I don't want to. I turn my radio on to my favorite Saturday morning blues show and let my sewing machine rip.

I don't have to keep one ear tuned because the baby may wake up and I'll have to stop. Someone else is doing that on Saturday. I don't run errands to the bank, the grocery store, or post office.

I don't go to meetings or anywhere else if I don't want to. I like just going inside myself and ignoring the rest of the world. While I'm in there, I create. Sometimes I create something really super and other times the work just soothes my mind. Sometimes I find it relaxing to repeat the same block over and over and over. Then I find it fulfilling to look back at the pile of blocks I have made.

When my radio show goes off, I blast my CDs. If any of my family members come by, they shake their heads about the loud music. The music helps me get lost from this world into a place where creating is free. Free of all the rules and constraints.

I have to say that I love Saturdays.

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