Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great Quilt Block

I am always excited when I find a great quilt block that
is versatile. I first saw this block in a quilt that a friend had done. It takes on an even different look when many of these blocks are sewn together. I made just the block alone as a wall hanging and called it "Gradual Expansion #1 & #2. The first one was an experiment with some brown and beige fabrics that I had bought. Then I thought I would do this wonderful swirl effect with gradations of the same color on each corner. Each one was fun. I like the surprise of what turns out. Sometimes it is exactly what I thought it would be and many times it is a great surprise. Some better and some worse. I usually pick the worse ones out and start over.
I am also fascinated that it tricks the eye into thinking that it is sewn on a curve, but it is really straight triangles. I am always on the look for fun blocks like this one. One day I am going to put it together in a full bed quilt. That will be something to write about!


Iam2curious said...

I love this block and wonder if you would be willing the share the pattern.

aisha said...

Sure I will share the pattern. What is the best way to send it to you. Email me at