Friday, February 11, 2011

Public Library

The Atlanta Central Library Downtown Branch with African Americans for the Arts presented it's annual Black History program called "Out of Many One". It runs from January 30-February 25, 2011. We were at the opening reception on February 3, 2010. Pamela Diana and Charles Coad performed among the beautifully displayed art. I was so proud to be a part of this exhibit.

Something really wonderful happened for me. I saw these tile pieces that I thought were so beautiful and well done. I kept telling Elaine how great this artist was, since I play around at tiling now and then. About a half hour later the artist came in and I said, "you look familiar." She said you taught a tile workshop last year at the Arts Exchange. I said yes, that is where I know you from. She said yes you taught me to tile. Wow! This is really a time when the student took it and ran way past the teacher. I was just so amazed that she got it. She really understood the intricacies of making it art.
I try to live by a story I heard about Miriam Makeba. I am not sure it is true or where I heard it from now. Very young Miriam was walking to the Laundromat one day when she heard this beautiful music coming from a basement of a house she was passing. She went to the window and peeked in. She saw a lady with her back to the window playing a piano. Miriam decided that day that she would become a musician. The lady never knew the influence she had on Miriam. We may never know the effects of our actions on others.
Be sure to get by and see this exhibit.


Dolores said...

You look as amazing as the quilts. It appears you have had a great exhibition.

aisha said...

Thank you Dolores. Now if I could lose a few more pounds all will be good.