Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness

March is the time to get ready for the Big Dance. These dancing quilts set the stage for that Big Dance. Now is the time to let some new quilts dance and beautify your home this March. In the sports world, the Big Dance is the NCAA Basketball Tournament. If you've never experienced the Big Dance, also called March Madness, OBA Quilts will help you get prepared with it's 15% Off Sale Site wide. I'm gearing up for this big March Madness.

Lately I have been deep into my work. I am in finishing mode. I love it when I get in this mode, because it feels like I am really pumping out a lot of quilts. In actuality I am finishing several projects that I have been working on for some time. One quilt that I am putting the finishing touches on was a three year project. I always keep one project that I piece by hand. I work on it when I am not near the computer, especially on long car rides when I am not driving. (Although I have been known to make a few stitches at the red light).

I like working on about 5 or 6 projects in my studio at one time. I am not really working on all of them at the same time but I take turns. I put together 4 ladies with big hats lately. I'm letting them hang out for a little while so I can decide how I want to border them. Sometimes I spend months thinking about the next move. Thinking about how to achieve a certain effect on fabric. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. You don't get to see the ones that don't work. I have a couple of wedding gifts in the works. I switch between them and that keeps me from getting bored with one.

I really like having short term projects and long term projects at the same time. Many people have told me that they have to work on one thing at a time but that bores me to death. I like going back and forth, switching around. When I get some quilts to a certain point I spend a lot of time finishing. That is when I get in finishing mode, like I am now.

I have my own March Madness going in my studio as I finish up some more quilts. I am trying for 4 more this week.
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Carol said...

Hi Aisha, I love this piece. The borders you chose really makes the quilt.
I too, work as you do. I always say I have ADD. People think I'm joking, but I do believe I cannot start and finish one thing in one sitting unless I have to take it some where or it's a commission. Even then I'm inclined to work back and forth on projects. I'm feeling you Aisha.

Sandra Tyler said...

Interesting. My favorite part too is the finishing up of projects. Probably reason why with my novels I always love best he revision process. When you know it's going to work out right, you just need to get it done. Love your quilts!

aisha said...

Thanks Carol and Sandra. Thanks for feeling me. Sandra we may have ADD, but most times I think I am
Sandra, isn't finishing wonderful!