Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 15th Already

I can't believe the 15th is here already. It was just January 1 a minute ago and I was trying to get used to writing 2011. This has been the fastest year I've seen in all my years on earth. I thought I would take it slower this year and enjoy the little things, pay attention to the minutes and it only made it go faster.

So let's celebrate the fact that December 15th is here. Today I chose a wallhanging quilt called "Choice". This quilt was one in a series of abstracts that I thought I would do. When I finished it most people saw a landscape but a few people turned it upside down and yet a few others turned it sideways. As I struggled with a name for it, I decided on "Choice" leaving it open for turning it either way. It is 15.5"x15.5" and machine quilted.

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