Friday, December 16, 2011

Left-overs Pay Off

I originally started quilting to save and recycle the left over fabrics after I finished making a great outfit or dress. I was obsessed with the idea of not wasting one drop of the fabric scraps. I saved and saved scraps until they were taking over. When I was forced to do something with the bags and bags of scraps, I got serious about quilting. The quilts I made, the more fabric I had. It was growing instead of shrinking. One day I just surrendered, quilters just have a lot of fabric; especially scraps.

This quilt was made from one of those scrap bags. Love love love reaching in that scrap bag and coming out with something useful. It is 16.5"x16.5" and hand quilted. It is called Scandalous #1.
The quilt to the right was also made from the scrap bag and a lot of creativity. I entered it in the Holidays Aglow Art Exhibit for 2012. It happened to be the 13th year of the affair. Much to my surprise and delight, it won Best In Show this year. How wonderful!! Like I always say, these little quilts frame beautifully.


Sheila said...

Gorgeous quilts and great use of scraps.

aisha said...

Thanks Sheila. I am getting motived to make another one.