Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stardust Bed Quilt

Stardust is a traditional bed quilt made from satin and cotton fabrics. The star pattern is my favorite traditional pattern, next is the log cabin for its ease and versatility. When I first started quilting, I made a lot of star quilts. I also made mostly bed quilts because my experience with quilts were solely for the bed. We grew up with quilts everywhere. We needed them to keep warm. Now I just cling to them to keep wonderful childhood memories alive.

Quilts are quite different now. The quilts my aunt used to make for our family weren't so much pretty as they were warm. The emphasis of her quilts was on function not beauty. Today's quilters have the luxury of time and an abundance of fabrics. Now I find myself making quilts for the love of quilts versus the function of quilts.

I put a lot of love into this one and hopefully it will find a home fitting its' beauty.

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