Saturday, December 10, 2011

Super Savings Continues

It's on now. Putting up one of my masterpieces today. I have been asked, "how long did it take you to make this quilt?" An understandable question, when you stand back and look at all the tomatoes sewn in one at a time or any other vegetables for that matter. It took me some months. Hand appliqued, hand embellished and hand quilted. I loved every minute of it though. Loved it. Every prick of my fingers as well as the search for just the right fabrics. I love their togetherness. I want to stand back out of site and listen in on their conversation. Then at the end I want to taste that great pot of gumbo they make. Humbly I want to ask them to teach me to wrap my head like they do.

I call this quilt "Gumbo Ladies #2: Lagniappe Sil Vous Plait." It is 45"x64" and great for hanging in a narrow hall, beside the bed, in the dining room or where ever. Fall in love with them too!

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