Monday, December 12, 2011

Art Magnets

All magnets are half price. The magnets at are made from my art, my work. I feel a little embarrassed some times when people call it work. When I am in it and communing with the spirit, it doesn't feel like work at all. It is simply my pleasure that happens to consume all my waking hours and some times invades my sleep.
Often times people look at me, as if I have a horn growing out of my eye or something. Then they say, this must be your passion. Now that better describes what I do. I could truly say it is my passion. I think they might be really thinking that I am a tid bit crazy. Who in their right mind would spend countless hours, days, and months making a piece of art that is impossible to get a return in equal monetary compensation.
Lately, I have heard people call it my ministry, a quiet ministry. I have to reflect on that. It is a good thought though, that the art is affecting people somewhere at the core that will make a profound effect on their lives.
So today, I humbly offer the art on magnets at 1/2 price for the next four days of this December Sale.

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