Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sale Continues

Bed quilts always remind me of my childhood. We slept under quilts at my house, at Mama Josie's house, at my friend Leen's house, and my Aunt Marie's house. I also saw quilts on the beds of all the neighbors and all my friends. Quilts were the standard and necessarily so. They were made for warmth over beauty. Sometimes we lucked up and got a pretty one but not often.

Today I have chosen one of my favorite bed quilts. It has my signature favorite color-orange. I called it "Zimbabwe Basket" because the design reminded me of the designs woven into African baskets. It is a combination of two blocks. I thought the combination was a stroke of genius, not mine though. This quilt is 77"x88".


Amanda Trought said...

Love your quilts, just came across it you have some beautiful designs, really inspiring to a newbie sewer!

aisha said...

Welcome to the sewing world. Thank you for stopping by and enjoying my quilts. This is great therapy. :-)